The Latest AMA Friday!

I rant on the internet and call it blogging.

I'm a smack talker.

There, I said it. I run my mouth like it powers the electrical grid. Some people find this annoying. A few find it amusing. At least 4 people I am not related to have thanked me for my bullshit over the years. You are SO WELCOME.

So here we are. Many of you know I've been a regular contributor to various sites including my dear friends at Recruiting Daily I still love those guys, and will continue posting as often as they let me. So why this blog? Why now?


That's really it. For years I've resisted starting my own site - it was easier to lean on editors to make my stuff pretty, check my grammar, and yeah, offer a built-in following. People were probably reading my stuff because it was somewhere they were already going for content.

So.... if this little old site gets any love/traffic/traction at all, it will be because you like me, you really like me!

Or not. Who knows.

What I DO know? I love recruiting. I love yoga pants. And we're going to talk about all of this and more.

Your fearless author getting ready to tackle another workday at the Goog.


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