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Yoga Pants of the Day - Work From Home Edition

Admittedly I don't work from home as often as I would like... my employer embraces face time as a valuable opportunity to get to know and work more closely with your colleagues. Of course they are perfectly fine with you showing up in yoga pants, and the food is pretty good, so it's all good from my perspective.

I know a lot of people swear by the whole getting up / getting ready routine. I totally understand and I wholeheartedly embrace the idea that everyone should do what works for them. Just because I'm ok rolling out of bed right to the (home) office doesn't mean everyone else should do it.

Today is one of those rare "no meeting" days - a bunch of emails to catch up on, a few post-interview loose ends to tie up, some candidate updates to share by phone, but NO ONE has to actually see me today. It's a GREAT DAY to embrace the messy bun, no makeup, yoga pants look my husband claims to love.

After all, he took this picture.

These yoga pants though? These are my LUCKY yoga pants. I was wearing them when I accepted the offer to join Google. I didn't wear them during my interview of course, even I'm not that brave. That day I wore my "dressy but still really yoga pants even though no one can tell" pants. :)


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