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Text Recruiting Done Okay-ish

My husband HATES texting. Really, any form of electronic communication is beyond him. Or beneath him. Thank goodness we've been friends since high school (read: pre-internet) or Lord knows we'd never have gotten together.

Recruiting, on the other hand, LOVES this shit. We can't get enough of emails, inmails (INMAULS), tweets and Facebook messages. There's a lot of noise being made about texting candidates as well. For, against, you name it.

Just today, in fact, I was treated to a text recruiting message of my very own!

There you have it, kids. The entire exchange took 2 minutes. Perfectly pleasant conversation, we QUICKLY ruled me out (y'all know my list of demands for contract work) and it highlighted an email I would have otherwise missed.

If I'm being really honest, I wouldn't have replied to the email. It was a copy/paste of the job description with no real hook. Plus, that whole contract thing... but at least he was up front about it.

I've never used TextUs. I hadn't even heard of it until today. Is it really a game changer? Maybe. Was this one of the more reasonable and pleasant recruiting conversations I've had in a while? Yup. 

I'm not sure that says a lot... no knock at all on the agency recruiter who sent this - like I said totally pleasant and I'd be open to hearing from him again if he had something relevant / up my alley. Of course I can't claim he did any real research on me... but keeping it short and sweet is ok in my book. Maybe it's the novelty of it. If I start getting 10-15 random texts a day I suppose I'd bitch about that like I do shitty inmails.


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