Friday, March 15, 2019

Get Out Of My (Talent) Pool

Add this to the list of things I never thought I'd read today.

Recently a good friend and fellow recruiter shared this gem with me, thinking I'd 1) enjoy a giggle and 2) make a hell of a post out of it. She was right on both counts.


This is a legitimate inmail received by a professional CORPORATE recruiter at a large company. It CAME FROM an alleged professional at a large (non-tech) company. I looked up the person - trying to make some sense, find some rhyme or reason, as to why this is ok to send. In the sender's defense, they haven't been in recruiting that long. Apparently before joining our profession, they worked in HR.

Somehow, that's worse.

You might be asking yourself - "what's the big deal"? Or, "why is she so bitchy, picking on a poor recruiter just trying to find a damn django developer"!

Because that ain't RIGHT, y'all.

Maybe it's time we settle what we mean by "candidate" and even better, "candidate pool". A CANDIDATE is someone who has not only expressed interest in a role, but is actively being considered for the company. They are people who've applied, been sourced, or in some fashion engaged with our company, and usually in part due to some effort from the staffing function.

No. You don't get to dip your toes in our pool.

The question was not "who do you know" or even "have you rejected anyone". No.... you want to get into our "candidate pool". For free. Because we're nice, or something. Oh but that's not all! They want to "share our pipeline". More fun with definitions! A "pipeline" is generally a list of people we're carefully cultivating for current or future opportunities. Now look, I've written before about the bullshit that is candidate ownership. That doesn't mean I'm going to serve up my list on a silver platter because you can't find what you're looking for. Don't even get me started on the legal ramifications! When I'm considering my next move, I'm very cautious and methodical about who I share my resume with AND WHEN. I don't mind if people recommend me for roles, on the contrary, that's a compliment. But my candidacy status or any other private info I've shared with a company I want to work for? Hard pass.

Maybe what he meant was "hey we'd like to engage you FOR A FEE to help us fill this hard position". In which case I have lots of agency friends who might take that call.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Where did February go? Or, self care for recruiters.

Y'all. We need to talk about something.

Taking care of yourself.

Here's the thing - I spent most of February laid up with bronchitis and barely able to breathe let alone function. I did my best to keep up with work, irritated my sourcing partners and bosses to no end I'm sure (they'd never say that, they're so nice ;) ) and generally felt like shit on toast.

What I did NOT do, was take a freaking day off to just heal.

Why? Would my team collapse without me? Would candidates be lost to the void or hiring managers left on the side of the road holding an empty pipeline report wondering what happened?

OF COURSE NOT. What a dumb thing to say. So why why WHY did I torture myself? Frankly, I have no idea. If I really peel back the layers of my psyche it's PROBABLY because I'm so new that I don't feel like I've "earned" the right to take a day off. I still have so much to prove or something. Or, I'm a total control freak who can't stand to hand over anything. Whatever the stupid reason, here's one thing I know for certain. No one is impressed by hustle that hurts.

Another February milestone - my mom has been taking chemo treatments for a full year. One full year of biweekly trips to the wonderful Swedish Cancer Institute where she sits for hours, while nurses buzz around pumping her full of medicine. Prior to her diagnosis, my mom hadn't been to a doctor in I don't know how many years. If she'd also been a little better at self care (oh look - I come by it honestly!) MAYBE they would have caught the cancer sooner. While I'm so incredibly grateful that she's responding well to treatment, my heart breaks that it's even a thing in her life.

One of the best pieces of advice I've learned was from my previous director at Microsoft, Betsy. She said more than once, "we're not saving lives". I mean... so simple, so accurate, so hard to live by. Sure, our work is important, but no one ever DIED from not returning a phone call right away or getting an interview scheduled immediately. Let's make each other a promise, ok? Promise me you'll take care of yourself. Get your annual physical. Take a sick day when you need it. Ask for help when you're overwhelmed.

Remind me to do the same.

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