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How To Beat The ATS (and get immediately rejected!)

What's old is new again, y'all!  That tired, old "tiny white font" hack is back on the internet, this time in the form of a TikTok video. Now I don't actually HAVE TikTok, so we'll have to settle for a link to where I was recently subjected to this horror - someone's LinkedIn post .  The general idea is that you can trick "the bots" ( yeah, the ATS bots that don't exist. I know. Stay with me here ) by adding the Job Description to your RESUME in TINY WHITE FONT! White, so it's not visible. Tiny, so you don't have a weird bunch of "empty" space. The goal here is to pack your resume FULL of the necessary keywords so you get past the ( imaginary ) bot. I mean, how could you NOT be a perfect fit for the job, when you're resume is basically the job description??  If you suspend all logic, you have to admit there's a certain kind of magic to this. Sort of like the same kind of wonder little kids have when their parents con

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