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The ONE Thing Job Seekers Can Control

 Y'all I'm going to drop some very loving truth bombs right now. Prepare yourself. No one - NO ONE - is responsible for your job search but YOU - the job seeker. Not recruiters. Not hiring managers. Not HR. Not your momma. ONLY you. While any number of these people can help you as you navigate your search, the actions you take are ultimately yours and yours alone.  Of course the obvious push back to this (and rightly so) is that job search is so f*cking confusing . Apply to everything. Don't apply to anything. Network. Show your value. Have 47 versions of your resume. Don't make a resume at all. Stand out. Stand in. Stand over there. Stand on your head. WHAT IS A JOB SEEKER TO DO? There is exactly ONE THING in this entire process start to finish that is 100% in YOUR control. That is the information you choose to provide to a company/hiring manager/recruiter. It is usually in the form of a resume, possibly a cover letter, and almost certainly information in an online app

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