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Your Recruiting Message Sucks. Here's Why.


I'm week four into an epic new job. I'm finally starting to figure out what I'm going to be doing here (and it's soooooo exciting!!!!!) but I'm also super sick which is just making me cranky. Enter this week's AMA Friday - check out the video here -

So! Turns out I am 100% that bitch who gets all judgy and whatnot when people spam me. Who would have thought? I know a lot of you are wondering just what is WRONG with me, that I get all annoyed by a perfectly reasonable (!!) inmail (INMAUL) that I could just simply ignore, or perhaps respond with a polite "no thank you".

I could. But I won't.

Here's why it matters. Every shit message y'all send that shows absolutely no regard for the person on the receiving end makes it harder for the rest of us. Now, a lot of the time many of us will say "that's ok! It makes me look better by comparison! Keep being awful!" which is certainly one way to look at i…

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