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How To Land Your Next Role In 5 Easy Steps

Y'all I couldn't even TYPE that title without laughing. As if it's that simple. 
BUT WAIT! What if we COULD distill the process down to a reasonable, repeatable, 5 step process? Let's discuss.
I actually DO believe we can create a simple roadmap for finding your next role. Here are the steps I came up with - let's pick them apart down below.
Determine the companies you'd like to explore / could see yourself working atLook at their open roles, apply to ones you clearly fit the qualifications for (caveat - employers have a responsibility for being clear and concise in their postings - I know this doesn't always happen)Threefold networking - Recruiter/Peers/Leaders - more on that and how to get templates belowIn tandem, make sure your trusted network knows you're open, what you'd like to do and what you're good at - they may often recommend companies you may not have considered or that didn't make the cut in step 1Rinse and repeat as …

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